The Importance of Screen protector in Regards to a Smartphone

The Importance of Screen protector in Regards to a Smartphone

While we all like owning high-end smartphones, only a few of us are actually careful enough when it comes to handling the same. Although a back cover is an extremely capable accessory, perfectly suitable for protecting the entire device— nothing beats a screen protector when it comes to keeping screen repair requirements at bay. However, we need to ascertain the perks of owning a smartphone screen protector in the era where Corning Gorilla Glass is an extremely common entity. While a majority of smartphones flaunt Gorilla Glass protection, there are quite a few of us who are increasingly giving screen protectors a miss. However, an extra layer of protection is always important, especially for iPhones and other flagships.

The Basics of a Screen Protector

Put simply, a screen protector is nothing but a thin plastic foil that protects the primary display from bruises and scratches. However, not every screen protector is alike and the prices vary according to the material used in regards to manufacturing the protector. For those who end up invoking air bubbles, applying the protector by cleaning the display and pressing the same carefully are the basic steps.

Why a Screen Protector is even relevant?

A protector needs to do a simple job i.e. to protect a smartphone display from occasional punches and scratches. Therefore, for every device, the screen protector is more like the first line of defense which takes the blow if the device meets with an accident. The best thing about using a screen protector is that even if it gets broken, replacing it isn’t a costly affair, unlike the entire display.

Will Gorilla Glass Protection Suffice?

A majority of mid-tier and flagship smartphones usually flaunt Gorilla Glass empowered displays which are pretty strong and more or less resistant to damages. However, the glass quality varies with the model and some manufacturers offer Corning Gorilla Glass whereas others incorporate the likes of sapphire glass. Regardless of the protective layer used by OEMs, there are occasions where even the strongest of displays experience heartbreaking damages. This is where a screen protector comes in handy as it usually takes the first blow in case of an impact. Moreover, there aren’t many versions of Gorilla Glass which are immune to scratches. This is why for a user who keeps handsets in close proximity to coins and keys— a screen protector is a must.

Glass Screen Protector: The Downsides

Needless to say, a glass screen protector certainly changes the user experience as there is yet another interactive layer associated with the device. Therefore, once a glass screen protector is applied, it becomes slightly difficult to interact seamlessly with the original display. However, at the end, it all comes down to the price of the protector as the costlier ones offer an experience that closest to the original display. Another downside is that glass protectors are more like fingerprint magnets and render the displays greasier than usual.

Are there Advantages to using Screen Protectors?

The first and foremost thing which a screen protector takes care of is the possibility of scratches. Besides guaranteeing a scratch-free display, a screen protector is like the seat-belt for a smartphone which makes sure that screen repairs aren’t usually required. In simpler terms, a protector offers extended flexibility to the user and allows him or her to use the device without having to worry about other entities like keys and coins in proximity. Not just that, having a screen protector to rely on minimizes the chances of alarming damages even if the gadget falls off or meets with an accident. This way, the extent of smartphone display damage can be restricted; thereby discouraging the interference of offline or online repair centers.

What’s interesting to note is that there can be multiple variants pertaining to screen protectors. However, different screen protectors offer different set of benefits to the user with the costlier ones rendering additional levels of support to the smartphones. Although, every gadget needs to accommodate one, flagships like used apple iPhone shouldn’t be used before pairing a protector with the existing display. It must also be taken into account that cracked flagship displays attract exorbitant prices even if the device is under warranty. A protector, therefore, can offer a lot of safety to the individuals besides safeguarding the device from scratches and more.

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