Natural VS Organic Products for Skincare

Natural VS Organic Products for Skincare

There are many people who have a mistaken believe that natural and organic Skin Care Products are same. It is absolutely true that all organic products are natural but it doesn’t mean that all natural Cosmetic Products are organic in nature. People get caught in this misunderstanding that rises from not knowing the difference between natural and organic skin care products.

What Natural Skin Care Products Mean

A label that states natural doesn’t ensure that the product is 100% organic. It states that product contains natural ingredients rather than synthetically made ingredients.

What Organic Skin Care Products Mean

Organic skin care products contains ingredient that are extracted from nature without making any chemical substances. Mostly organic skin care products are 100% organic in nature and not harmful to skin.

End users though must be aware about 3 most important facts when they are opting to buy natural skin care products:

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Herbicides and Pesticides are Allowed

As the natural ingredients used in these cosmetics come from conventional agriculture, mostly all of them are sprayed with herbicides and pesticides to boost the harvest. As a result the products carry even a little amount of toxic chemicals.

There are many instances found where the final skin care products have started allergic reaction. When the products were examined, it was found that the excessive chemical usage in those natural products triggered allergy.

But when the product is organic, the ingredients used to make it are organically produced without the usage of pesticides and herbicides.

No Legislation to Use the Words Organic and Natural

Even containing a small portion of natural ingredients a product can label itself as natural or organic. The legislation with the usage of the word natural and organic is not strong when it comes to products. It becomes subject to interpretation for various different brands. Even 1% organic ingredients in a product can be labeled as natural or organic. Not always reading label can give you the truth of how much natural the product is.

Chemical Ingredients Allowed and Used in Organic and Natural Skin Care Products

There is a list of allowed organic and natural ingredients that can be used to produce natural and organic skin care products, even if they contain chemical ingredients. In a given country, authorities of the highest certification give approval to the list. If the beauty product is watery then you can be sure that it contains chemicals as preservatives to keep the product intake for a period of time.

Reason to Choose Organic Skin Care Products

Until an organic product contains 95% of organic ingredients, it will not carry any legal Organic Seal of a certain country. It may say it is made with organic ingredients, but Seal will not be provided.

Look for skin care products that certified as 100% organic skincare product. It is not impossible to get top quality organic products. Why will you take chance with your skincare products? Your skin is the largest organ. When you will not put these chemical substances inside your mouth, why would you put on your skin? Your skin absorbs the product. It doesn’t matter whether it is organic or not. So choosing only organic product is best for your skin.

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