Market Research Survey for Money

Market Research Survey for Money

There is a saying that nothing worth having comes easy and when it comes to earning money this saying holds true. However, if we change our perspective and keep focusing on finding ways we will definitely come across we are most likely to get access to avenues Of earning money. Though there could be lesser amount are some of the ways could be more taxing however if time is not a problem then these options are worth trying.

Making money by watching ads

There are companies which register their users and encourage them to watch the ads and other promo materials. They also invite their members to watch certain soap or movie trailers, and interesting campaigns, teasers etc. The only problem with this kind of earning portals is the’re less in number.

These companies are paid by the ad agencies and sometimes also by the companies which consume these runs these ads to measure the efficacy of these creative content. The scope of such moneymaking is also limited because of the big players like Google which has the backing of data analysis. The YouTube and other video publishing sites are equipped with artificial intelligence which makes it easy to analyse the engagement. Leaving the task of analysis to a limited number of companies.

Discount coupons and coupons in lieu of the online purchases online or off-line purchases

There are companies which have the partnership with the online merchants and off-line retail stores. This coupon companies attract big number of potential buyers and leverage their association their membership with the online merchants and retailers encouraging them to offer discounts in lieu of their members purchase. The companies like Swagbucks and cash out work on this model. These two are a great source of making money while making A need-based first hand purchase.

The reviews sharing model

This is another form of earning money which is very popular because it doesn’t expect the users to make a purchase. It simply registers the users experience after availing a service or using a product. Such companies ask a series of market based research questions And adequately rewards the users for participating in the paid surveys and providing the relevant answers to the questions. With this company too, the more experience you have of buying or availing the paid services from your online or off-line merchants, the better it will be for you to encash your experience. The other advantage of these companies is that with every participation it also gives you a sense of responsibility and satisfaction as you contribute to ensuring better products are better services in future on the basis of your experience and insightful opinion you share in the present.

Some of the leading companies operational in this domain are OpinionBureau, OnePoll, Toluna and I-Say. Besides offering being an agreed amount in USD or local currency, they also offer certain signup reward on the registration. This reward options are especially beauty is useful for students, freelance professionals and homemakers who can make money using their spare time.


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