How To Use A Colander or Cullender Properly

How To Use A Colander or Cullender Properly

Colander or Cullender is a useful kitchen utensil. Many of us use it regularly but may not be familiar with its proper uses. So, I would like to tell you how to use a colander properly.

The colander is a bowl-shaped utensil containing holes. This thing is used in draining, straining food items such as fruits, vegetables, pasta, rice etc. When you put wet food items in the colander, the water or liquid drains through the holes. But the solid remains on the upper surface of the colander. For an example, you can clean the grapes with a colander. Just keep the grapes on the upper surface and run the water from the tap. Then keep the colander on the sink. Take time to rinse the water fully.

The colander is made of metal, plastic, silicone, ceramic and even enamelware. You may be heard the alternative names of colander such as kitchen sieve or the pasta strainer.

The Application

There are multiple ways to use colander properly. Even this has been a controversial topic of using the colander. Someone posted on an online social platform couple of months ago as she uses a colander in a different way. I will say nothing is wrong in the different ways of using the colander.

On the post, the user had shown then she put pasta on a pan or pot then covered with a colander on the pot. Then after cooking and making the pot cool, she rinsed the water by holding the pot alongside the colander. She tilted the pot and rinsed the water. In her opinion, it’s a time saving and easier way to use a colander. It’s helpful when you are thinking to collect sweet starchy pasta water with the purpose of making the sauce. Some people offended her to use the colander in that way. They use this tool in traditional or regular ways.

If you want to use the colander for rinsing the food items. Then this can be the way. Keep the solid foods in the colander. Now turn on the source of water. If it’s kitchen, then turn on the tap and run water directly on the foods. Now shake the colander for rinsing the foods properly. Through this way, you can rinse fruits and vegetables easily.

Straining is simple with the colander. Take the colander under a tap. Keep the cooked pasta, spaghetti etc. in the colander. Now scatter the foods in the colander and shake it roundly to do the rinsing process well. Then turn on the tap to rinse the food liquid. You should use oven mitts to hold the hot colander. Leave the colander for a few minutes if you want to lower the temperature of the foods and rinse better.


Using the colander is pretty simple. Don’t think that you were using the colander in the wrong way till seeing the post. It depends on you which purpose you are using the colander. Many countries use this utensil to wash the cut vegetables. Indeed, it’s a helpful part of our kitchen.

Vaibhav Bagga

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