How to Make Shoe Cleaner At Home Easily

How to Make Shoe Cleaner At Home Easily

The shoe is part of daily style and fashion. Summer or winter we like to wear clean, shiny shoes. But all of them get dirt, oil, grease, sticky particles. So, cleaning the shoes is a must. Shoe cleaners clean the shoes respectively. Do you know you can make a shoe cleaner at home?

Yes. You can use household items to clean the shoes. We can clean different types of shoes such as leather, suede, canvas, sneakers, boots, flip-flops, loafers etc. with our own hands. Here are some of the ways to clean shoes at home. You need to clean all these shoe dust with a soft brush first. Remove any lace to clean shoes properly. Then go further for cleaning the shoes.

Leather shoes cleaning:

A solution of water and vinegar can clean the salt stains from the leather shoes. If it’s too oily and greasy, then use an absorbent powder such as talcum powder. There are more alternatives to this. Some people use soapy solution to shine the leather shoes.

Suede shoes cleaning:

The suede brush is perfect for cleaning the dirt, pollen, and other dirty elements. If you want to remove fresh stains, use towel dampened with vinegar. Use pencil rubber to remove dry stains. Be gentle when you are rubbing the suede shoes.

White shoes cleaning:

White shoes look dirty faster than other colored shoes. Lemon juice with cool water solution is great for white shoes such as canvas, sneakers etc. Scrub the stains with a soft sponge. Keep the shoes under direct sunlight if the scrubbing doesn’t work. Another way is bleach and water solution (1/4 bleach, ¾ water). Dip a brush into the solution and scrub the stain with the brush. Shoes made of leather need to be dried. Baking soda can be also remedied for cleaning white shoes.

Athletic shoes cleaning:

Athletic shoes are mostly used in sports, gymnastics and some other fields. This type of shoes gets mud, dirt, stains faster. Regular cleaning is the best idea. Remove the insoles and laces from running shoes. Then scrub the shoes with a sponge wet in soap water solution. Avoid harsh detergent or soap to clean them.

Loafer shoes cleaning:

Use a soft brush to clean the loose dirt from the loafers. Rub the loafer with pencil rubber to remove any stain of it. After using rubber, spray shoe protector spray to seal the shoes from any stain or marks.

Slippers cleaning:

If the slippers are made of cotton, then you can use your washing machine. Wet the cotton slippers in a soapy solution filled in the sink. Then rinse the shoes and let it dry. Use a baby wipe to clean the outer surface of the leather or suede slippers. You can use a damp cloth to clean waterproof suede slippers. Leather safe soaps are good to take care of leather slippers.


There’s nothing exceptional to regularly clean. Bleach, vinegar, lemon, toothpaste, soap etc. are just ingredients to clean the shoes. Make sure you are not damaging the shoes while cleaning them. This is how to make a shoe cleaner at home.

Vaibhav Bagga

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