4 Tips for Landscaping Design for Your New Home

4 Tips for Landscaping Design for Your New Home

Are you going to shift to your new home? If you are, then landscaping is an area to which you will need to give priority. The surroundings of your home in a great way reflect your style and creates a perception of your preferences in the minds of your neighbours. Well planned landscaping can in a great way enhance the value of your home. Here are some tips which you will have to follow for landscaping your new home:-

1. Create a basic plan for your landscape

Even if you intend to hire a landscaping contractor, you need to have a basic plan regarding how it should look. Do you want to entertain guests? Is there a fountain or a swimming pool which forms a part of your plan? What are the colour combinations which seem attractive to you? The answer to these questions will decide the factors of your home’s landscape design. Once you have a clear idea of your needs, you should start looking for a swimming pool builder in Gurgaon.

2. Decide your budget

People often tend to overlook the budget of a landscaping project, both before and after the work has started. Think about how much you can spend, what you will be spending on and how much landscaping is going to cost. As in the case of any other service, you will get what you pay for. If you are expecting to get landscaping worth Rs 40,000 by investing Rs 20, 000, you should either invest more or trim down your plan. Be careful of deep discounts. It is never wise to curtail costs as it means that the job won’t be done in a proper manner. Failure is likely to happen in such circumstances. On the other hand, you will have to go out of your budget if you write a blank check.

3. Prioritize each stage of the project

A master landscape plan can help you to focus on your key needs and talk to a landscaping contractor in Delhi. Prioritising the installation process will help you to make your landscaping plan financially viable and aesthetically pleasing. For instance, during the first phase, focus should be on the installation of shrubs, a tree and seasonal colour beds in front of your residence.

During the second phase, a deck will be built and a playset with accent plants in the backyard. In the third phase, a swimming pool will be installed and the back deck will be extended. It’s sensible to consider the front first since this is the part of the yard which is most visible.  Planting trees early would be wise since their growth needs time. You can opt for a pool later.

4. Installation

The installation process of a landscape is quite smooth. Usually, decks, fountains, and patio are installed first. Then trees, shrubs, sod, perennials, lighting, and irrigation are installed. Though there can be slight deviations on issues specific to your property, following this order will ensure that things you installed earlier are not affected by subsequent work. Coordinate with the landscape contractor and ask questions if you don’t understand.

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